August 31, 2022




Q: Hello Leslie, we would love to hear about your background and work history.

A: When I was 26, I began my operations journey in a project coordinator position. I then went on to work in title and became a funder for my first lender in my mid thirties. It was then that Kendra approached me about building a team at Civic and, although I was apprehensive, I trusted Kendra.

Q: How has your work history prepared you for what you are doing today?

A: While I was working as a project coordinator, I had a fierce mentor. Her attitude was very, prove to me that you deserve to be here. There was no room for mistakes. I became very detail-oriented early on in my career, which is something I bring to my work every day.

Throughout my career I have had incredible mentors that have pushed me to be meticulous, inquisitive and thoughtful.

Q: What is it about how you and Kendra work together that inspires and motivates you?

A: Kendra is a natural leader. When I was working at Civic and Kendra told me she wanted to start another new adventure, I didn’t hesitate to join. Kendra inspires me in and out of the workplace and it’s thrilling to work with her because of her confidence and her ambition. She pushes me out of my comfort zone and I am so grateful for how she has made me better, in everything I do.

Q: How is FF different from the bigger organisations?

A: As a smaller organisation, we are able to focus on communicating with our clients and putting them first in a way that a bigger organization can’t. Transparency is a big thing for us, and we want our clients to feel excited about working with us again and again. To be honest, we treat our clients like family because that’s what they deserve. We follow up with them after closings to see how they are doing. At Futures Financial we offer our clients a journey where they don’t feel lost or alone, because we are here supporting them every step of the way. It is really special to be a part of a company like this.