May 13, 2022




Tell us about you:

I’m originally from San Diego and proudly went to the University of San Diego, where I was fortunate to have played division 1 football. What I learned in school and on the field, I apply to my work ethic every day. Post college I was offered an opportunity in finance and knew from that experience I was going to be in the real estate sector. So jump to today and I’ve been in the private equity space for 4 years with well over 150 transactions during that time. I’m preconditioned to implement a professional work ethic to every project because I have learned what you put in you get out.

What excites you about FF?

The growth and upside potential of working with individuals I love and genuinely care about on a daily basis. I have valuable working experience with Kendra and Leslie, and extreme trust in our foundation. We work long hours together so it’s important to like the people. The whole team is coming from a diverse background but with a shared mindset to succeed.

When I look at where I want to be in my career as a loan officer, I joined this team because I didn’t want to be a cog in a large wheel for a massive organization. We have the ability to be more flexible and nimble with creative financing. I don’t feel like there is a ceiling to this. Me being able to grow my business while I help my customers grow their business really excites me.

Why are new clients going to be excited about FF?

We extend capital to help clients achieve their end goal. To provide for their families and their kids, kids – that’s the main reason I enjoy what I do. I feel I bring tremendous value to my customers lives with attention to detail and passion. Helping them produce income whether that be from fix and flips, group up construction, or larger multi-unit developments.

The two things that can kill a deal are lack of funding speed, and lack of ease with the loan transaction. We have made the process as simple as possible, customized to the preference of our client. Some people are more tech savvy than others, I work with developers and builders who write things on the back of napkins that I will turn into Excel documents – I meet all of my clients where they are.